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Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize 2018

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In order to support research and science, the medium-sized family-run company Wörwag Pharma, Böblingen, Germany is to announce the 9th Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize this year. The winner will receive


10,000 €


The prize will be awarded for works which make a significant scientific contribution and contain new experimental or likewise clinical findings on the topic of


“Biofactors (micronutrients) for neuroprotection“


The fact that a work has already been published does not preclude an application, insofar as its publication lies not more than one year in the past. Well-researched reviews may also be submitted. Particularly important results can also be submitted as partial results contained in a brief version before the completion of the entire work.


The size of the work should not exceed 40 pages (including tables, graphs, bibliography) and should be preceded by a brief summary of the objectives and results of the work.


The prize will be awarded on the basis of the decision reached by an independent jury. The judges' decision is final. Legal claims are excluded.


Please submit the manuscript (in German or English) together with a brief curriculum vitae/résumé and a brief version of the objective of the work to the following address by September 30th 2017 to:



Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Jan-Christoph Wollmann

Calwer Str. 7

71034 Böblingen




A submission form and further information are available on the homepage of Wörwag Pharma (www.woerwagpharma.com).