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Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize

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1. BenefactorThe Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize is awarded to help promote up-and-coming sci-entists. The benefactor of the award is the company Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG Calwer Str. 7 71034 Böblingen

2. ObjectiveThe purpose of the Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize is to promote the acquisition of new findings from science and clinical practice in the field of vitamins, minerals and trace elements independently of the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Prize MoneyThe prize is € 10,000.

4. ThemeThe benefactor shall define a specific subject area before each award.

5. Frequency of the AwardThe frequency of the award shall be variable and determined by the benefactor.

6. JuryThe jury shall consist of at least four members from the scientific field who are not associated with the pharmaceutical industry, as well as one member from the bene-factor. No member of the jury may be a prizewinner during his or her period in of-fice.

7. Determining the PrizewinnerThe jury shall decide by means of a simple majority. The members of the jury shall be free and independent in taking their decision. The decision reached by the jury on the award of the prize shall be binding and cannot be challenged in a court of law. The judges' decision shall be final.After the jury's announcement the price can be divided up.As a rule the jury shall reach its decision within two months of the end of the deadline for submissions.

8. Right to Participate and ApplicationIndividuals with a right to participate in the competition are doctors and members of scientific disciplines such as pharmacists, biochemists, biologists and nutrition-ists. The prize may be awarded to individuals or working groups. Insofar as a work stems from several authors, the prize shall be divided up into equal amounts unless the authors have stipulated otherwise upon submission of the work.Individuals or working groups may compete for the prize themselves; however, nomination by scientific experts is also possible. Professionals working in the sci-entific field (professors, institute directors) are requested to nominate scientific works and their authors to the jury which might be considered as prizewinners. Such suggestions should be received not later than one month before expiry of the application deadline so that the individual(s) nominated has/have a reasonable pe-riod for submitting his/her/their work.

9. Type and Status of the Works SubmittedAt the time of disclosure the works submitted should already have been started and should have already obtained significant results. The fact that the works have al-ready been published does not preclude an application for their submission being made, insofar as their publication lies not more than one year in the past. Complet-ed dissertations/theses or well-researched synoptic papers that have recently been published (in the past 12 months) or which are currently being printed may also be submitted. The submitters undertake to provide information concerning whether (and if applicable where) a work has been submitted and/or accepted for publica-tion, or has already been published. However, the fact that a work has already been published or accepted for printing does not necessarily indicate that it is automati-cally worthy of a prize.The work must not have been awarded a prize elsewhere.

10. Formal Requirements of SubmissionThe scientific work should be written in German or English. It should be preceded by a brief summary describing the objective and the most significant results ob-tained. The total length of the work should not exceed 40 normal manuscript pag-es. The submitter is responsible himself/herself for obtaining any authorisation that is required (e.g. from the clinic/institute director).The application should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae/résumé and all doc-uments sent to the address stated in the invitation for submissions. It is advanta-geous if the submission includes the enclosed submission form in order to facili-tate organisational procedures.

11. Award of the PrizeThe award of the Fritz-Wörwag Research Prize takes place within a framework determined by the benefactor.

12. DateThese rules apply as of November 10, 2006